Riviera Nannies support families on your path to creating and growing your families, and in your day to day lives. We understand that different family constellations and situations have different needs and face different challenges, and we are here to make sure you have all the support you want and need.
We are a safe space for our LGBTQ+ family, both clients and candidates.
​Riviera Nannies helps you set up and get ready for your baby, we are happy to consult with you from the things you need for your baby to the books and resources that fit your parenting style best. For a consultation, please email us so we can tailor it to your needs. 
To help your transition into parenthood hiring a maternity nurse is a great idea for the first few months, and then transitioning to a nanny as your childcare support. Matchmaking is our superpower and we help you find the right people to work with. The importance of having a strong team is obvious, and we want you to be able to focus on what is important for your family without overwhelm and stress.
Register with us to let us help you find your maternity nurse here and your nanny here.

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