To better decide what members of staff your home might need we have put together a brief guide describing different roles. Of course there can be overlaps, you might have a nanny who also cooks after being done taking care of the children. Or you might have a nanny who also drives your children to activities, but typically they would not be shopping and cooking for the family, or drive the parents. Adding specialized team members to work in your home ensures that you get exactly what you need in the most efficient way possible. The more specialized a person is, the less likely they are to do tasks outside of their area of expertise.

A Nanny is a person who takes care of your children, they are part of the team raising your children and they are an important part of their education. A Nanny usually has some basic trainings in safety and early childhood education, and then more specific trainings in their chosen speciality. Part of normal nanny duties is preparing meals and snacks for the children when they are in their charge and basic cleaning around the child. Sometimes a nanny would do housekeeping duties too, there is occasional overlap in the duties between nanny, housekeeper, governess and PA. They wouldn’t all overlap, but it is not uncommon for nannies to take on other responsibilities in the home, as agreed upon when they start their contract. Nannies are often very calm and organized, making their skillset excellent for PA work, for example, and that is of course always depending on personality, experience and career objectives. A Nanny is a very good investment in your children’s education. They help build a stable and solid foundation for your child.

A Governess is a specialized educator who apart from taking care of your child has a focus on their education and teaching them in the home. Governesses have much less overlaps in roles than Nannies do, a Governess would not overlap with a housekeeper for example. Governesses are specialized in an area that they become known for and work on a deep level to help your children advance in their area of expertise.

A Housekeeper cleans, tidies and keeps your home organized and running.  They might do deep cleaning, dusting, tidying, laundry and ironing. Someone who does housekeeping as their primary focus would not take care of children at the same time, as that is not their expertise and focus. A Housekeeper might agree to do other tasks on top, like cooking or babysitting, but their expertise is housekeeping.

A Security person you work with might be a Bodyguard, they might be retired police or they might be a Security coordinator who makes sure that all your staff’s security training and behavior is up to the level you want it. Security personnel is there to keep you, your children and your home safe at all times. As such they are highly specialized and do not overlap with other duties. That said, all your staff might be trained in security procedures and managed by a security specialist. Having a security specialist on your team is essential for high profile families to keep your peace of mind and make sure your children and you are always safe.

A driver is a dedicated person who drives you and your children, and takes care of the vehicle. They have a clean driving record, often additional driving training and navigation skills. A driver might have other responsibilities also, for example as a PA or villa manager. If you want a specialized driver with extra qualifications as a driver, the overlap is less likely.

A laundress is a dedicated person for your laundry. They have experience and expertise caring for a wide range of materials and high end garments. High end laundresses have experience with haute couture clothes. They all have a substantial knowledge of materials and laundry care. A laundress is a specialized position that does not typically overlap with other areas.

A Butler is a specialized professional that makes sure your home runs smoothly. They manage your other staff, they make sure all the parts of your home are in order and they support you in organizing events you are hosting with impeccable attention to detail. Your Butler’s knowledge goes both wide and deep, they are well versed in organizational tasks, maintenance and care taking. A Butler is a well rounded and anchoring member of your staff with a both hands on and overseeing role.

A maternity nurse is someone who comes in right after your baby is born to help you out in the postpartum period. They help you set a routine, help you during the night and are wonderful guides to care for your baby. They have specialized training in infant care and they are often able to help support you in breastfeeding issues, there are sometimes overlaps with lactation consultants and maternity nurses. A maternity nurse is often booked far in advance, usually about six months, so if you want the support of a Maternity nurse it is a good idea to plan ahead to make sure you find someone that is both a good fit and available to help you. They work in either 12 or 24 hour shifts, often six days on one day off and the contract you have is usually between six weeks and three months.

A chef is someone who does meal preparation for you. They plan, shop for and prepare your meals. Chefs rarely overlap with other private home professions. They are often specialized in a specific cuisine and have trainings and experience specific to their trade. A chef is different from a cook in that they are specialized in one area and that is also why they don’t tend to overlap with other roles.

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