The Regular Route: The regular route is a solid route. You fill out your application, we discuss it to make sure your offer will get you the right candidate. Then we send you your profiles, you choose who to interview, you interview and choose who to hire. It’s straight forward and a good choice. You will have profiles to review about two to three working days after your application is filled out and then it is up to you how quickly we move forward. The cost for our regular route is our standard fee.

‚ÄčThe Fast Track/VIP Route:¬†The Fast Track/VIP route is the route you take if you want your placement done fast, and thorough. You fill out the registration, and then we set up a time to do a thorough dive. We spend a morning together on zoom, going deep. We go into what you need, what is good and bad about your offer, how to set you up for long term success with your candidate. We spend about three hours together combing through what has worked for you in the past and what has not worked in the past. Together we will craft an offer that is perfect for you and that will have the best candidates for the job line up to work with you. Two days after we workshop together you interview the candidates you have chosen, one after the other so you can get a good idea of their personalities and your fit. After your interviews you chose who to hire. This process can be finished with in a week with the right timing. This option comes with an additional fee.

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