At Riviera Nannies we believe in inclusivity. There is room under our umbrella for all genders, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations and religious beliefs. We believe that we are better together and that We > Me. Riviera Nannies is a safe space for everyone where the only thing not tolerated is intolerance, for both our clients and nannies.

Non discrimination

We are equal opportunity employers and we expect our clients to be too. We act against discrimination, not only passively but actively filtering all our programs, choices and offerings through anti-racist and anti discrimination filters. This is a non negotiable.


We believe in equality across the board. Intimately related to non discrimination equality is a core value for us. The only factor we judge you on is how generous, kind, fair and helpful you are as a person, things that might weigh for or against you in other places have no weight here.


We place professionals to work in homes. It can sometimes be tricky to maintain and nurture that relationship with a healthy balance since the setup is very different from your average corporate setting. We expect our candidates and our families to be professional, towards each other and towards us.


We run everything going into and coming out of our agency through the kindness filter. The bar is high, and kindness is always non negotiable as one of our core values.


It goes without saying that family is a very important value for us. Our placements support the day to day of our clients’ families. Our candidates and collaborators have strong family values, whether the family is chosen or given, we don’t tell you who your family is, you do. We show up for each other and nurture the relationships that are most important to all of us first.

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