Have you ever applied for a job you think you are perfect for just to hear that you are not right for it, even though you feel that you are?

Have you ever been to a job interview and thought you did well but didn’t get further?
Have you ever felt that there is a disconnect in your abilities and the opportunities you have?

If you answer yes to any of these questions there is a good chance the culprit is your presentation, your communication and your interviewing skills. They are very closely related and blend into each other most of the time. I would love to help you remove these obstacles from your path to success. That’s why we created this mini workshop.
We go through the steps that are keeping you from that job you really want, and you will build tools to improve your job application skills as well as preparing you for interviews. 
It’s easily the best spent 30 euros you will spend in a while. 
The workshop is self paced and online, you can get started right away and get implementing today. 
To sign up, follow this link and all you need is built into the workshop hub.
There are five bonus videos on top of the workshop:
Your points of contact
Your CV
Dressing for the job
Your physical and energetic presentation
What does your presentation say?

And  you  get templates to write your  CV and your Cover letter, as well as a checklist for your next interview. 
For a sneak peak into the workshop, this is what it looks like in our hub:

We would love to see you succeed the way we know you deserve to. If this resonates with you, join the workshop today.

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