Families FAQ:

Q: What is the difference between a permanent and a temporary  placement?

A: A temporary placement is a role that lasts less than three consecutive months and a permanent role is one that lasts more than three consecutive months. The process of the placement is completely different, and the nannies who look for permanent jobs typically don’t look for temporary  work and vice versa. Our internal process is also different, to make it a lot easier from an administrational perspective for our clients, for temporary jobs we charge a set fee per hour/week that includes all the taxes, social charges and paper work so that you don’t have to worry about setting up a French work contract and all the admin that comes with it. You hire us, we subcontract to a nanny who is a registered auto entrepreneur specifically taking jobs like this.

Q: Do you place au pairs?

A: No we do not. Au pairs are not professional in childcare and being an au pair is not a job but rather a cultural exchange program. There are lots of pros and cons of having an au pair, and it is not always the cheaper option compared to having a part time nanny. The laws around au pairs are different in different countries, but if you want to do it right, as we recommend, it’s a well regulated industry protecting both families and au pairs.

Q: Why do you have a registration fee?

A: Our registration fees covers our initial administrational fees to get us started on your search. Finding and vetting your nanny is a lot of work and requires a fair share of tech and leg work, so in order to honor our commitment to you and yours to us we have a registration fee. Our service is very personalized and we keep our volume down to be able to serve all our clients really well, there is not “churning” at Riviera Nannies, hence we look for a two way commitment.

Q: I want a French nanny in Canada/US, can you help?

A: Absolutely we can. We place nannies around the world, the most common request we get from abroad is for a French nanny to work in your home country, but we really help nannies from around the world find work in different countries. Alternatively we can help you find nannies in your home country with specific qualifications.

Q: We are due with our baby soon, do you have maternity nurses?

A: Yes, we work with some really wonderful maternity nurses. Typically  they come and work with you for six to twelve weeks, but it really depends on your needs. We recommend that you book your maternity nurse early, they tend to be fully booked moths in advance. Having a maternity nurse as a part of your postpartum team is such a great idea, they are your baby whisperers and mother healers, helping your early days in motherhood be nourished and relaxed.

Q: I need a babysitter for the evening, do you have any?

A: A lot of our nannies are up for babysitting, but we do not take bookings for an evening. We have a subscription to our babysitting list that a lot of the local families, agencies and hotels use, and you can subscribe too.

Q: Do you provide the contract for the nanny?

A: We are not lawyers, but we know great ones. Most of our clients set up their nanny contracts in their companies using their internal HR. We are more than happy to share our resources and guide you in what you need to make sure you have clarity around with your new staff member.

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