Q: What is my CBR?

A: Your CBR is your Criminal Background record. You would get them from your local government agency, it is different in different countries.

Q: My registration didn’t go through, can you help?

A: Sometimes there is a tech glitch, email us at and we will help you get sorted. It’s important that you fill out the registration form, that way all the things end up in the right place in our database. Be sure to follow the instructions and take your time, it will increase your chances of getting the job you are looking for.

Q: Why  do I have to fill out your forms?

A: We use tech to organize the things on the back end, our database, email address and so on. So we ask you to fill out forms for different offers and job types so you get all the information you need from us about jobs, opportunities, trainings, events and so on. It’s purely organizational and to be able to focus on the non scalable things like interviews and connection.

Q: Can you help me get a better job?

A: Probably. It depends on your qualifications, your work history, your personality and your attitude. Our passion is connection and seeing a successful placement is a big part of the drive behind Riviera Nannies. We want you to succeed, which is also why  we have created the Riviera Nannies and Staff Academy.

Q: What kind of trainings do you provide?

A: We offer several ways to support your career.

We have a series of e-books that jump start you at every level. They are action oriented and designed to make progress quickly. 

We run workshops online focusing on your professional development, each workshop is designed to help you solve one specific problem. We also run safeguarding courses for caretakers. 

Our Academy is our specialized ongoing support that we strongly recommend you to join, it provides you with the education and support that you need to bring your career to the next level, at the pace you choose.

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