Candidate vetting.

You found a candidate you like?

They seem wonderful, they answered the questions the way you liked them to, their CV shows an impressive list of qualifications and there are references. It all looks good. But you want to be sure. The truth is that someone who is a fit for someone else might not be one for you, after all you are different people with different values, requirements and needs. Knowing your candidates are safe is a top priority, after all they will be working in your home, and taking care of your children.

How would you know?

When applying for a job the applicant will present you with what they think will be beneficial for them to get the job. You might not be able to get the whole picture. It’s easy to see what you want and fill in any information not provided with what you would like it to be, something to avoid that at all cost. An objective eye benefits you in your hiring process. And even with the information you and google can gather, you might not feel sure of what documentation to ask for.

We can help you.

Our process when we interview and vet candidates is different, personal and sophisticated. We use a specifically designed process to get to the answers between the questions, and along with our sleuth like abilities we figure out who people really are. We will tell you if we think your candidate is a good fit for you or not.

How it works.

First, after you have found your candidate you tell them you like them and would like to work with them and to ensure and protect both them and you you have asked a third party agency (us) to vet them. Then you fill in the form below, and we get started. Typically the report takes about ten business days, we do a thorough background check, check all documents, have at least one call with your candidate and talk to several of the people they have worked with before. She will go through a similar rigorous process of getting to know each other as all the nannies we work with do, and when we have gathered all the information, put it through our system and have an assessment we will write you a report with our recommendation for you, based on our call with you, the information you have provided and the vetting of the nanny. Get started below.

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