Candidate terms and conditions

The principal will keep complete confidentiality in terms of information, papers, documents, images and intellectual property of any kind in relation to clients of Riviera Nannies, which may have become available or known to the Principal as a result of a job interview (physical, via telephone or Skype) or employment. The principal will not disclose or resell any information including the address, telephone number, the constellation of the family, the interior layout or composition of the house and any other details about the client to a third party or company.

The agency will act as sole agent. All information supplied by the agency is confidential. If the principal passes on their details to a client, or obtains the details of a client or to a third party who subsequently employees the principal, then the principal will remain liable for the full introduction fee and the collaboration with the agency will end immediately at the agency’s discretion.

The principal will not solicit or contact the client of Riviera Nannies directly for career, commercial or personal purposes, either before or after interviewing and working for the client. The principal will also not accept a job offer directly proposed by the client even if it is different without notifying Riviera Nannies.

The principal will not post any comments, photos, videos or records anywhere on the internet and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit Blog and all others) about any details about the client or agency after and while interviewing, meeting or during your employment with the clients of Riviera Nannies.

This agreement shall remain in effect for an undetermined period of time. The principal can under no circumstances solicit families or companies for work in any field relating to childcare that they have been introduced to by Riviera Nannies for five years since last professional relationship.

The principal will not use photo cameras, video cameras, mobile phones, smartphones and any sound or visual recording devices during a possible meeting or employment with client.

The principal should cause any harm to any children or adults in the families where they work. Both physical and psychological. Do not abuse, do not be a bully. Never use violence in any way.

Riviera Nannies is not liable for any injuries that occur on or in conjunction to a job through the agency.

Riviera Nannies negotiates your salary for you. The principal should under no circumstances discuss or haggle for a higher salary, we have negotiated it for you and if you are at the job you have accepted. It is very inappropriate to not keep an agreement and nannies that ask for or demand a higher pay after having accepted a job will not continue working with us. The principal understands that payment for a job can be done either through the agency or the client directly. In case of payment through the agency the principal understands that they have to supply an invoice to Riviera Nannies with the agreed amount. The principal is responsible for their own taxes and declarations unless otherwise agreed with the family they work in.

If a job is cancelled or changed Riviera Nannies is not liable for any loss of income.

You hereby acknowledge having been informed that in the case of non-compliance with the agreements above, you will be fully responsibility before the clients and the agency Riviera Nannies who can legitimately claim for compensation for any damage suffered as a result of violation of the terms and conditions by the principal.


This list is indicative and non-exhaustive.

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