Candidate levels

In our database, we have levels for our candidates based on a few specific metrics that determine their experience level and expertise. Make yourself familiar with the levels so you can match your needs with the candidate level that is the best fit for you. This can also work as your guide as for setting a salary. The dials to keep in mind when thinking of crafting an offer for a candidate are: hours, salary, tasks, experience and flexibility. The more you want of any of them, the more it costs. If you want a full time nanny with a speciality and a lot of experience who also offers you some flexibility like availability to stay over night or travel with you, then their salary is going to be higher. 

Level 1. A level 1 candidate has some but not a lot of experience. They are at the beginning of their career and they have the basic credentials, but not a lot of experience. As a guideline you can expect to pay for this level would be net per month 2000-2300 euros for a regular full time position. 

Level 2. A level 2 candidate has worked full time in their field, they have more experience than a level 1 candidate. They are committed to their profession and are working to build their career, even though at this point they are still in the early part of their career path. A level 2 candidate has some education specific to their field. The salary expectation for this level would be net per month 2500-2800 euros for a regular full time position. 

Level 3. A level 3 candidate is a very solid, experienced and serious professional who has a good amount of experience and have worked in different constellations and contracts to build their knowledge base and career. The salary expectation for a level 3 candidate would be about 3000 euros net per month for a regular full time position. 

Level 4. The level 4 candidates are serious professionals who have worked in their field for a substantial amount of time and have worked in a variety of jobs with different families. They often have a speciality they are known for and their education and trainings reflect their level of expertise. It is not uncommon for a level 4 candidate to be headhunted rather than apply for jobs, they are very sought after. The salary expectation for a level 4 candidate would be 3500-4500 net per month for a full time contract. 

Level 5. A level 5 candidate has extensive experience working in their field, they are the experts of their profession and have the educational background and continued learning to support it. These candidates rarely have to apply for work, they are more often than not headhunted for specific jobs and highly sought after. They often have a speciality and have worked with several families during their career. Often but not always, these candidates have worked with high profile families and have knowledge navigating the challenges that it brings like security and privacy. They are very versatile and flexible and used to work in a household team. Their salary expectation would be 5000+ euros per month for a full time contract.

Tips to create an offer that attracts the right candidates:

  • Live in is not always seen as a perk for the candidates. It often means less privacy and an expectation (expressed or not) to be available more, which some candidates like and some don’t.
  • The more flexibility you want, the more you have to pay for it. The truth is that most candidates have to work full time to support themselves, so if you are offering part time, they will not be able to grant a lot, if any flexibility in their hours since they have to also have another job.
  • Offering a healthy work environment is more valuable to the candidates than most employers realize. 

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